GETTING CANDID WITH CADRE | Tania Ali, Founder & CEO Cadre Style

GETTING CANDID WITH CADRE | Tania Ali, Founder & CEO Cadre Style

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Name & Occupation: Tania Ali, CEO and Founder of Cadre Style.

Location: LA & NYC

Your style in one word: Fresh

Favorite eco-loving clothing brand: All our brands. They are all stylish, fit is as amazing and the quality is incredible.  Every time I put something on I fall even more in love with our brands. 

Favorite eco-loving beauty brand: Ilia at the moment.  Each product exceeds my expectations and keeps toxins out of my body.

Secret to “less is more”: Keeping it simple with accessories.  I like to get a pair of earrings that will go with all my looks and pair it with a simple necklace.  I am not a watch person and I tend to wear my hair down so that takes out two accessories.

Making old feel new by: Changing the shoes with the outfit.  Shoes can take any look from day to night, from warm to cold weather, and from old to new.  There is so much you can do by changing your shoes.

Sustainability Hero:  There are so many amazing designers doing increadable things in the space.  if I had to pick one I would say Stella McCartney.  She is a trailblazer in the space, shedding light on these issues decades before sustainability became a buzz word.

Eco-informative film or book you recommend: Cowspiracy started my journey into learning about my environmental impact and what I could do to change.

Currently giving back to: No Kid Hungry.  I became aware of their efforts to end child hunger in America during the pandemic and find their work and mission critical to our planet.   

Park you're picnicking in: Palisades in Santa Monica.  I just made LA my home base so I have been exploring parks here. 

Flower you're growing in your garden:  I am a terrible gardener.  I can keep my aloe vera and snake plants alive.  But if I could I would grow roses of all colors.

Style icon: Olivia Palermo.  I have always loved her effortlessly put together yet trendy looks. 



Sun or Snow: Sun Always

Hike or Bike: Bike it makes me feel like a kid again.

Fruits or Veggies: Fruits, I have a sugar addiction.

City or Suburb:  Suburb even though I have spent my adult life living in cities - I am a suburban girl at heart.

Shoes or Bags: Shoes

Sunrise or Sunset:  Sunset.  I love how sunsets make you feel so calm.