GETTING CANDID WITH CADRE | Kelsey Adair, Founder, Bare Knitwear

GETTING CANDID WITH CADRE | Kelsey Adair, Founder, Bare Knitwear

Meet Bare Knitwear 

I launched Bare Knitwear in 2014 from a desire to create luxurious, heirloom knitwear that preserve traditional craft and support artisan communities.

Our knitwear reflects a marriage of heritage artisanship with modern design. Bare Knitwear’s thoughtful collections are produced in collaboration with world class artisans in Peru using Peruvian ancestral fibers such as baby alpaca and Peruvian Pima cotton. Using a combination of both modern and artisanal manufacturing techniques our effortless silhouettes are designed to be timeless yet relevant, each serving their own unique purpose.

What's in a Name 

Before we created our first collection, the name Bare stuck out to me as a word that evoked feelings of authenticity and minimalism. To me, Bare symbolizes a lifestyle that’s stripped back from all the excess, only leaving the true, highest quality and most cherished items. This philosophy guides our design process at Bare Knitwear, where each of our products are designed very intentionally. Our thoughtful collections are designed to become wardrobe heirlooms and bring comfort and joy to the wearer every day.


So many…! Currently, we are working on expanding our partnerships in Peru through the introduction of small batch, lifestyle products. These products will be produced in partnership with various artisan groups throughout the country, each specializing in their own unique techniques and product areas. This approach allows us to create innovative handmade products that honour and showcase different techniques while expanding our product offering. Additionally, each year we are focussed on our sustainability goals, primarily centered around reducing our footprint on the environment; sourcing low-impact yarns and using innovative manufacturing techniques. This allows is to reduce and minimalize the use of synthetics in our collections where possible.


Our mission is to combine heritage artisanship with modern design to create high quality knitwear that supports artisan communities in Peru.

Fashion for the Future 

In a world where everything is turning digital and feels highly commercialized, we are dedicated to preserving authentic, handmade knitwear and artisanal craftsmanship. I find solace and comfort knowing that handmade manufacturing techniques have been around for generations and are still alive today. I hope we can continue to play a role in highlighting artisanal craftsmanship and in turn empowering artisans in Peru.

As for the future of fashion, I could go on forever here… so to summarize, my hope is that ethical, transparent supply chains and sustainability is considered a basic requirement and not an option for brands and companies globally.

Some Things You Should Know  

In Canada a beanie is called a toque!