CADRE STYLE is a curated e-tailer with the aim of making it easy to shop sustainable eco-friendly fashion. Founded in Spring of 2022, Our mission is to reduce fashion waste while providing luxe wardrobe essentials that never compromise on ethics, aesthetics or quality. While sustainable fashion is not perfect, Cadre supports brands making change in the fashion space. Using the CADRE CODE we vet all brands for Transparency, Fair Labor and Waste Reduction. We offer insights at the point of sale to tell you how the item is made, by whom, and of what. Working exclusively with brands that remove or reduce fashion waste through the use of recycled or biodegradable materials. All of which is third party vetted by partnership with Hey Social Good. Learn more about Hey Social Good vetting below.


We only work with companies who pull back the curtain on their production to ensure that they are produced in line with our values. We aim to educate and illuminate on what ethical fashion is.

All workers are paid living wages and work under safe working conditions. We care about the people who make clothes as much as we care about the people who wear clothes. 

Wardrobe staples designed to be lived in, a wardrobe to be cherished rather than disposed of. Made from biodegradable materials or recycled/upcycle materials to help reduce or remove fashion waste.

We partnered with Hey Social Good  to vet and certify our brands ethical production practices and low-impact materials. Hey Social Good created a framework in support of the United Nations’ SDGs, that examines 500 data points across our brands’ operations and gives them a comprehensive impact rating. All of our items pass The CODE. We do the lift so you don’t have to.

natural fibers

These Fabrics are biodegradable. Fabrics made from materials that can be decomposed into their natural elements via natural processes aka biodegradable. These include organic cotton, linen, TENCEL, wool, cashmere, bamboo, jute, and hemp.

Hey Social Good (HSG) and Cadre Style have partnered to inspire every business and organization to adopt and track sustainable practices to positively impact the fashion industry. When a brand receives a Hey Social Good Verified Stamp of Approval, it means that HSG reviewed, verified and substantiated the sustainable and social practices of the brand. During this phase, HSG reviews all available documentation, certification, and evidence of the social good practices submitted and declared by the brand. Learn more at

Hey Social Good Medals.

PLATINUM. Brand systematically makes full circle community social good in nearly all areas of the company - internal operations & human capital, external community support, going beyond and/or improves upon its original mission, and full circle sustainable practices along every step of the source to product life cycle chain. The brand significantly grows positive impacts on external communities, organizations and natural resources.

GOLD. Brand makes in-depth investments over time into sustainability and giveback practices for product, manufacturing, and operations. The brand establishes a solid community-level social good foundation and elevates multiple social causes to make a definitive positive impact on people and the planet.

SILVER. Brand engages in regular consistent efforts to give back activities and/or meets the critical steps of the Sustainable Life Cycle Chain to strengthen the foundation for community social good.

BRONZE. Brand maintains a sustainable product or practice and/or giveback efforts along the life cycle chain, creating the foundation for social good. Want to learn more about Hey Social Good? Check out their page 

Cadre is a member of 1% for the planet, which means we give back 1% of our profits to heal the planet. 1% for the Planet is a global organization that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive by supporting environmental nonprofits through membership and everyday actions.