THE LOWDOWN | What is Econyl?

THE LOWDOWN | What is Econyl?

What is ECONYL®

Revealed in the name, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional nylon fabric, a synthetic fabric derived from petroleum that is utilized for its strength, elasticity, and durable nature. Playing a huge role in the fashion industry, we see nylon primarily in activewear, lingerie, performance wear, and swimwear. 


As we begin our journey to a more sustainable wardrobe, embracing sustainable clothing materials that are recycled is a great choice. Any recycled or regenerated nylon and its branded counterparts like ECONYL® are made using pre and post-consumer nylon waste, often credited as clothing scraps, fabric scraps, and household items like used carpets. One of the greatest primary sources of nylon waste is derived from fishing nets, whether recovered directly from fishing companies or through organizations retrieving them from the ocean. Healthy Seas is the perfect example of an organization supporting the nylon recycling process that leads to cleaner oceans, in 2021 the organization retrieved 188,500 kgs of fishing nets and other waste. 

ECONYL® is an effective way to recycle and repurpose nylon that would otherwise be directed to landfills. It mimics the exact properties of traditional virgin nylon but can be recycled, recreated, and remolded again and again. According to ECONYL® for every 10,000 tons of raw material, the brand is able to save 70,000 barrels of crude oil and able save 65,100 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions. Aquafil utilizes a closed-loop regeneration process to produce ECONYL®. The nylon waste is collected and sorted, cleaned, and “purified’ to reflect virgin nylon. After the regeneration process is complete, the recycled nylon is processed into yarns and polymers for repurposing into new products. 

At Cadre Style, we believe that ECONYL® or any regenerated or recycled nylon is a great step to moving towards more sustainable and zero-waste or reduced waste practices. Below is a list of sustainable workout clothes and swimwear brands available on Cadre Style that offer styles made of the favored fabric. 

  • Medina Swimwear 
  • Julia Alexander Swim 
  • Amaris 
  • Follow Suit